Attendee Testimonials:

Dear Dr. Usher,

Thank you so very much for  your time and advice. Abigail and I left feeling very positive, and look forward to seeing you in the fall for your class.

It was wonderful to meet you. Abigail and I are grateful to have your support for such an important matter in our lives.


Abigail Van Dam and Norm Kaufmann

Norm Kaufmann, Summer 2013, Private Consultation 


“I wanted to thank you for hosting the workshop last Sunday… We found it very insightful and interesting to see that we are not alone in this journey with our children.  I read your blog from Sunday and you did a great job summarizing our gathering and thank  you for summarizing the key points. ”

  Jodi Pick, February 2, 2013, Come For Brunch, Stay for Conversation

 Many years ago, we participated in one of the earliest conversations on interfaith marriage at Adas Israel under Rabbi Wohlberg’s and Marion’s incredible leadership.  We are most appreciative of Marion’s ongoing participation in this very, very important discussion of inclusion.  Our children’s Hebrew education experiences at Adas were always intelligent, inclusive and open minded which was – and is – so very important to us.

As our children have grown and married, we now find ourselves grandparents of the ultimate ‘interfaith’ grandchildren.  Our darling twin granddaughters, who live in Brooklyn,  are about to celebrate their first birthdays.  They received their Hebrew names at Central Synagogue in NYC about 6 months ago — and then they received their beautiful, traditional Chinese names in keeping with their mother’s beliefs and, of course, their traditional American names in honor of their two Jewish great grandmothers. They are a true joy – and we know they will live their lives honoring the truest of interfaith traditions – love, understanding, peace and family.

Robert and Anne Yerman, Workshop Attendee, December 2012


My husband and I participated in Dr. Usher’s interfaith families workshop over a decade ago.  We still remember the experience fondly.  We met other couples experiencing similar challenges and learned from each other, not to mention made lasting friendships with.  It was the beginning of our journey into bringing religious practice to our family life, and it has never stopped since.

Maria Lasa-Sloan, Workshop Attendee, July 2012 


It can be tough in your sessions sometimes, but its always prettier on the other side of them. Somehow, you’ve managed to make us both feel safe with you – which is amazing in the context of how different  Adam and I are. We can’t wait to become a more active part of the DC JCC as an interfaith couple and are so happy to know that we have you as a resource.”

Liz Smith, Workshop Attendee, June 2011 


We were so happy to be a part of the class! Brian and I are now married. We definitely used lessons learned from the class to plan our wedding. The ceremony was officiated by Rabbi David Kuperman and incorporated both our families traditions. People continue to comment on how unique and special our ceremony was.”

Missy Eng, Workshop Attendee, September 2009


Film Testimonials:

In this film, we are privileged to listen to these interfaith couples as they tell their compelling stories about their religious journey together. One of the American Jewry’s most experienced counselors, who has guided many hundreds of couples to embrace Jewish choices, Dr. Usher’s workshop model is an inspiring paradigm for building our community.”

Rabbi David Saperstein
Director and Counsel, The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

This film chronicles the couples’ doubts, fears, and efforts to understand, accommodate, and respect each other’s belief. In the sessions, the couples focus on creating their religious lives together, learn how they can make Jewish choices while at the same time respecting their partner’s religion.

Congratulation to Dr. Marion Usher, who has touched hundreds of couples and brought them into the greater Washington Jewish community.”

Misha Galperin
Jewish Agency for Israel

This film is a must for all future facilitators of workshops, interfaith couples, their parents and grandparents. The issues are clear, the couples engaging, and the results exciting.”
Edmund Case
CEO of

This is an important program that deals with the shared system of meaning couples need to create when there is a relationship of mixed religions.”

John M. Gottman, Ph.D.
Author of “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work”
October 30, 2009

Marion Usher, through her film and her extensive experience leading workshops for interfaith couples at the Washington DCJCC, has created a platform that stands as a replicable model for welcoming interfaith couples. This film makes an important addition to our national interfaith discussion.”

Arna Meyer Mickelson
CEO, Washington Jewish DCJCC

October 30, 2009


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