Love and Religion: The Challenge of Interfaith Relationships is a film describing a four session model developed by Dr. Marion Usher and used at the Washington DCJCC for the past 15 years.

It is the responsibility of every single Jewish person to reach out, to welcome, and to incorporate interfaith couples and families into our Jewish community. It is the responsibility of every Jewish person to share the joy and wisdom of our religion with interfaith couples and families, helping to encourage Jewish choices and Jewish decisions.

As you watch this film, you will learn about the issues that interfaith couples need to address and discuss. In a group setting, they get to hear other couples’ narratives, and they begin to understand that they are not alone in finding answers to questions they are struggling with. By examining their heritage and the values they learned from their parents, they begin to try on how they as a couple can construct their religious lives together. They also acquire specific skills with which to manage their relationships.

In a safe environment, the couples work on creating their religious lives and begin to see how they can make Jewish choices at the same time they are respectful of each other’s religion. This process is at the center of each couple’s experience.


The manual is a 30-page document describing each session in detail, allowing other facilitators the opportunity to run this workshop in their city. Each module includes the topic of the session, some questions with which to introduce the session, and hints to enrich the process.
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