The JCC is the Jewish organization that is best poised to reach out with a multitude of programs and to provide services to interfaith couples and families. At our Washington DC JCC, we  offer “Love and Religion: An Interfaith Workshop for Jews and Their Partners” and “Introduction to Judaism” throughout the year. In addition, we have classes explaining the Jewish holidays, we participate in the Washington Jewish Film Festival showing movies with an interfaith theme, we attend plays with an interfaith theme offered by Theater J, and we have presentations by authors with relevant books In this setting, I have worked with over 600 couples and families, and over 80% have decided to raise their children as Jews.

A consultation process with a JCC, includes helping the staff consider a paradigm shift, in order to think and implement new and creative programming for the Jewish interfaith population. This would include a public lecture, working with central stakeholders including the Executive Director, Division directors, senior staff, and the Board in order to facilitate, throughout the entire agency, new ways to incorporate this population through creative programming.

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