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screen-shot-2018-04-28-at-11-12-00-pmAbout the Book
What happens when things get serious between a couple when one partner is Jewish and one is not? This book is for them—for interfaith couples who are dating, engaged, newly married, already established and for their families. It will enable them to navigate the complexities of an interfaith relationship and create a bond rich in respect, understanding and a life grounded in Jewish identity. Dr. Marion Usher, creator of “Love and Religion: An Interfaith Workshop for Jews and Their Partners,” draws on her experience working with 700 interfaith couples over 25 years. Her book follows the struggle and success of couples who have made the journey.

Advance Praise
If you’re looking for a book that shares the stories—in all of their beauty, heartache, challenges and wisdom—of what it means to be an interfaith couple exploring Jewish life, one need look no further than Dr. Usher’s book.
Jodi Bromberg
CEO, InterfaithFamily, Boston

Marion Usher is a powerhouse, a visionary and an inspirer, not only of the couples whose lives she has changed, but also of religious and other leaders who make a difference in the lives of communities. When I first decided to counter the prevailing mindset in Conservative Judaism and speak out for interfaith couples and families, it was Marion who became my support and mentor. Her brilliant insights about the lives and needs of interfaith couples helped me to shape a vision for a synagogue that not only welcomes interfaith families, but also actively works to integrate them into the fabric of our communal and religious life.
Rabbi Gil Steinlauf
Senior Rabbinic Advisor, Adas Israel Congregation, Washington, DC

This book is an invaluable resource for interfaith couples, clergy and congregational leaders. Dr. Usher has shared some of the most intimate stories of couples on their interfaith journeys. As someone who often works with interfaith couples, I look forward to sharing the lessons from this book with them.
Rabbi Esther Lederman
Director Congregational Innovation, Union for Reform Judaism

We need more Marions in this world—those who not only talk about interfaith inclusion, but who really get how to make it happen. This book is a gem because it isn’t about preaching—it’s about sharing stories that can help us all understand the realities of what it means to be “inter-anything.”
Laura Conrad Mandel
Executive Director, Jewish Arts Collaborative, Boston

This thorough and well-organized book is an important and accessible resource for clergy, families, Jewish communal workers and therapists. Usher provides a constructive approach for interfaith couples seeking to figure out their religious lives. Wonderfully written, welcoming and, most of all, honest, it’s a must read for all of us seeking to make our families—and communities—more welcoming and inclusive.
Steve Rakitt
President, The Genesis Prize Foundation, New York and Jerusalem

Marion Usher understood, long before the pundits and professors, that interfaith marriage in America was now the norm. She has inspired me, and countless others, to welcome, understand, and celebrate these families. Her work is a gift and a blessing to the 21st-century Jewish community.
Rabbi Shira Stutman
Senior Rabbi, Sixth and I Historic Congregation, Washington, DC