Love and Religion

Interfaith Consultation for Jews and their Families


What Does Having a Jewish Identity Mean?

The Workman's Circle commissioned a study about this subject and recently published their findings. Over one million Jews in the United States are actively seeking Jewish expression and engagement outside of synagogue life. Read More >
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A Convert’s First Simchat Torah

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading an article about a convert’s first Simchat Torah experience. I found the article so upbeat and relevant that I thought it would be a great idea to share it with everyone on my blog. You can read the article here. Be sure to leave a comment sharing your thoughts! Read More >
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My Jewish Interfaith Couples Workshop Launches in Manhattan

I am pleased to announce that my workshop, "Love and Religion: An Interfaith Workshop for Jews and their Partners" will now be offered at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan! Read More >
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On the High Holidays

My mother had a saying, “Everyone complains that the Rosh Hashanah holidays are either too early or too late.” Then she had her built in rationalization for her statement. Read More >
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The Meeting of the Interfaith Couple and their Teacher: A Most Unlikely Rendezvous!

It was a beautiful night. There was a cool breeze in the air, we had just finished a sumptuous dinner, and had consumed an indulgent amount of smooth red wine. This is what vacations are all about! And then I hear someone calling in the dark, “Dr. Usher, Dr. Usher is that you?” Read More >
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