Love and Religion

Interfaith Consultation for Jews and their Families

Interfaith Programs at the Washington JCC

Take a look at some of the upcoming programs at the Washington Jewish Community Center Read More >

Passover is Coming!

Looking for ways to celebrate Passover with your interfaith family? Here are five great new ways to consider celebrating passover in an interfaith-friendly way. Read More >
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Creating a new project with Sarah Rabin Spira, Director of Family Enrichment and Community Outreach

There is nothing that brings a bigger smile to my face than a gurgling baby. So when Sarah and her beautiful daughter came into my house a few weeks ago, I was delighted to see them both.Sarah and I were meeting to see how we could do some programming together. She is now the DCJCC’s director of community outreach to families, and she was very interested in providing more services to the interfaith families that use our JCC. Read More >
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Love and Religion in the City of Brotherly Love!

Important news about my “Love and Religion” workshop: It will be run in Philadelphia starting on April 7, 2013. There are a number of facilitators in many cities who are now conducting my workshop and helping to make sure that interfaith couples will learn how to address these important issues they are grappling with as they create a new religious life for themselves. Read More >

“Being Jewish on Valentine’s Day” – Washington Post

Today is Valentine's Day - a day where interfaith couples around celebrate their love. But have you ever wondered about the origins of the holiday? Earlier today the Washington Post's On Faith column published some of my thoughts on the origins and history of the holiday. Read More >
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PRESENT TENSE: A successful way to enrich Jewish identity and attachment to the Jewish community

Sometimes you go to an event really not knowing what to expect but then you have an experience that is not at all what you anticipated. In fact, it turns out to be something different; actually the event turns out to be a totally incredible experience and you are beyond thrilled that you decided to go in the first place. Read More >

A Conversation with Parents of Young Adults in Interfaith Relationships

It takes great courage to talk about your concerns in front of your peer group. This is exactly what this group of parents did Sunday morning when we all met for Brunch and a conversation. Most everyone in the group knew each other. They all have young adult children of marriageable age. They all came to talk about their children and how possible it was for their children to marry Jewish partners. Read More >
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Remembering Linda

Remembering Linda

In December I lost a very close friend. For the past two years she battled a rare cancer with all the strength she could muster. On our visits together, we would talk mostly about simple things. Read More >
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Is Interfaith Outreach a Priority for the Jewish Community?

The other day I read, with great interest, an article, “Marriage Isn’t One Size Fits All” written by Dan Brotman in The Forward and it got me thinking: where are we headed with this issue? Read More >
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Actually, Santa is Jewish!

Actually, Santa is Jewish!

Who would of ever thought that we would take our grandchildren Tess and Joseph to see Santa? There we were having just finished lunch at the grand children’s favorite restaurant, the Booeymonger, when we had a yearning for cappuccinos. So off we all went to the coffee stand located in the lobby of the Mazza Gallery. Read More >