Over 80% of the Jewish interfaith couples that have attended this class decide to raise their children as Jews. The workshop helps create a welcoming and accepting environment that encourages Jewish interfaith couples to examine their hopes and fears about the role that a Jewish identity will play in their life.


This four-session workshop is for interfaith couples that are seriously dating, engaged, or newly married. The couples will benefit from the workshop by being in a forum with other couples that are addressing similar issues. In a safe environment, concerns and questions will be raised and discussed.

The central themes of the sessions are:
1] Falling in love – Managing the elephant in the living room.
2] Remembering our past – Imagining our future.
3] Co-constructing a religious identity – and what about the children?
4] Living happily ever after – learning skills to manage the relationship.

In this workshop series, critical questions asked include:

How will they construct their wedding ceremony?
Will they establish a “lead religion” in the home?
How will they address the concerns of their parents and extended families?
How are they going to approach creating a religious life that makes sense to the two of them?

In the final session the focus is on skill building to enhance your relationship.

The sessions are 90 minutes in length once a week, and the group meets for four consecutive weeks. Often at the end of the series, the couples find that they have many things in common and decide to form their own on-going group so they can continue to see each other. Spending a Friday night Shabbat dinner together or meeting at a restaurant are common continuing group activities.

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